High Vale


High Vale is the Northern most region of Lorn. It’s southern border is shared with the East and West Fey Vales. Mostly rich and fertile lands in the east and west valleys, the region is separated from the northern most point, where the city Kersone resides, straight through the centre of High Vale, and all the way down to the borders of Aramoor, where the terrain is dominated by a mountain range known as the Rachis. The highest peak on the Rachis mountains is Sapphire Point, home to the water spirit Rane. The Sapphire Lake atop the mountain is not only home to the water spirit, but also the source of the three largest rivers on Lorn- Akim, Sanguine and Scar. Sapphire point is believed to be the closest point on Lorn to the Sapphire Star, and is therefore considered sacred grounds.

Social Stratification

High Vale operates a caste system that has been embraced and incorporated into the Shynian Empire on Lorn. The High Vale society was based on a four tier system. At the top were the Magi,


Amethyst, Diamond, Quartz and Sapphire are the most venerated gods of High Vale with the largest temples being devoted mainly to them. Although smaller shrines and temples can be found throughout the region to most of the known gods, the influence of their four main religions is obvious throughout High Vale.



High Vale

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