Nyra The Widow

Tarnstead's new Warden


The Widow is Hyvale’s newest Warden: a brilliant martial artist and skilled swordswoman. She has adopted a blue-winged butterfly as her Wardenship symbol, shown in yellow on a light blue banner. It represents a transformation from insignificance to beauty and power. Her territory of lush grasslands and half of the Rusant Forest breeds many Tarn for her Shari to adopt as their mounts. The Widow’s rise to power came recently when she challenged her husbands Wardenship and defeated him in combat.
Since taking over the Wardenship of Tarnstead, she has removed all the male Shari from her service and recruited only female Shari, poaching them from nearby Wardens
It is believed she found a way to lure the Tarn into capture and has now begun breeding them.


Nyra The Widow

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