Bryce Danadaar

Warden of Ellaran


Bryce is a Human Shari of renown skill with a blade. He has earned a reputation as a formidable warrior, albeit a reluctant one.

Bryce served as kingsguard, to Lorns former King, Hewald Landon, until he discovered the KIng beating his Queen in a rage, after a series of failed negotiations with the Shynian Empire. Bryce stepped in to protect the queen against his king, and was subsequently removed from his position as kingsguard.
His punishment was to serve on the front lines against the Empire’s attacks, where he earned the respect of the enemy enough to grant him a wardenship under the Empire’s rule, after the fall of the king.

Bryce doesn’t necessarily see this as the honour it should be, considering himself a soldier not a lord.

Very few people have actually seen him unsheathe his blade, and lived to tell the tale.
This said, he has not taken his sword out of the scabbard since the Empire took control of Lorn, and tends to negotiate his way to most victories these days.

Despite coming from a merchant family, he has earned a reputation as a great warrior and a wardenship through hard work and the strength of his honest word, and disapproves of the other Warden’s use of underhanded tactics and espionage.
Honesty is his strength and his greatest weakness.

He has been given charge of organising the excursions into the Fey Vales and control of the Ellaran Mines. You will need Bryce’s written authorisation to enter the Fey Vales.

Bryce openly admits he is a royalist at heart. But feels his responsibility to the people of Lorn, as a warden, takes precedence over his loyalties to a dead monarchy. This comment caught Bryce up in speculation the Princess Cana survived the Empire’s attack on Cascadia with Bryce’s help. No evidence was revealed to confirm this and the investigation into Bryce was dropped.


Bryce Danadaar

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