Sky Realms

The Things You Find in Your Pockets!

Week 2

After they heroically saved Ellaran from the stampede of Nosapi, the party were taken to Warden Bryce Danadaar. He was impressed with their actions and wished to use their services again.
The neighboring town of Tarnstead has lured away half of the Shari that served under his wardenship by offering them a Tarn mount to ride. Bryce wants to ensure the rest of his Shari remain in his service by offering them new suits of armour made from the slain Nosapi exoskeletons.
Bryce asked the party to venture north to the town of Bardsford to speak to the warden Kon the Listener about enlisting the services of his armour maker, and see if he can fashion something from the carapaces.
The party had a brief search down the river Scar to see if they could find some addition carapaces to fashion armour for themselves, but had no success in retrieving any of the Nosapi bodies, and continued north to Bardsford.
Once they arrived at Bardsford, they set about acquiring something to offer Kon in return for his help.
Baku informs the party that, in his experience, Kon likes the colour sky blue so Feniver sets about trying one of her contacts to aquire something to Kon’s liking.
After spending the day bartering for items and squashing a peculiar squid-like entity that was produced from the pocket of Baku’s Robe of Occasionally Useful Items, the party sets camp for the night just outside Bardsford.
They got more than they bargained for when a pack of starving winter wolves attacks them as they make camp for the night, providing plenty of wolf pelts to offer.



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